Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rexburg Idaho...

So I feel ridiculous because right when I started this blog I had to restrain myself from writing in it every 10 mins and now I haven't written anything for the past 2 months. Well now I'm in the good old land of Rexburg, Idaho.
Looks pretty dang exciting huh? Rexburg is great for many things.
1. The sand dunes are 15 minutes away

2. I can now stop being a horse lover wannabe and volunteer at the shelter...
Yeah that's not me.

3. I can finally get back into track!

4. One thing Rexburg is great at is reminding you just how single you may be...

Let's just clarify something. I'm the blonde in this picture.

5. Also reminds me that when I do attract someone, they are normally pretty odd.
Word to the wise. Do NOT go to the gym at 10:30 on a Friday night...
Let's just leave it at that. Trust me.

6. Last thing I'll put is I do love the flowers here. They are gorgeous!

So this hasn't been the most amazing blog ever but I just gotta get back into the groove... haha hopefully the next one will be a bit more entertaining!

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